Running Nutrition Explained

Running Nutrition Explained

Fueling is as important as training. Eat right, recover better, run faster.

What to Eat Before you Run

Making the wrong nutrition decisions before your run can completely ruin the race. From toilet breaks to cramping. Fueling right can unlock your next PR.

What to Eat When you Run

If you’re heading out for over 1 hour it could be time to start thinking about fuel during your run. But don’t just take a Pot Roast, you need easily digestible food.

Rethinking Race Nutrition

Choosing energy gels is the default for many runners, although evidence shows there could be a better choice. You’ll never guess the alternatives being tested!

What to Eat After your Run

Do you need to fuel within 30 minutes of your run? Do you need to fill yourself with huge amounts of protein? These are tricky questions, but the answers are out there.

A Complete Guide to Hydration for Runners

Hydration is more important than food during a long run. And no, that doesn’t just mean water. What else should you be including in your hydration pack?


Nick helps aspiring runners learn how to take a healthful approach to their training and races so they don’t crash and burn before they achieve their goals.

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