Hi there, I'm Nick.

Hi there, I’m Nick.

Hey! Thanks for making it to Illness to Ultra. If you don’t already know, I am a coffee critic, Yerba Mate drinker, coding nerd, active-junkie, and also navigating life with an autoimmune.

Gut Health For All

A new guide teaching and helping you through the confusing world of gut health. A topic important to every single one of us.
Are you ready to learn how to create a healthier life?

Health Posts

Dealing with a chronic illness is difficult. Learn from my lessons and don’t make the same mistakes!

Training Posts

Any type of training is hard, but it’s supposed to be. Learn the small hacks to make training that little bit easier.

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Gear is not the most important thing, but sometimes it helps. Learn about the items that I truly believe in.

5 Trail Runs in Bellingham

Not too long ago my wife and I had the opportunity to spend some time Bellingham, WA and check out some of the Bellingham trails. The place has plenty of good things going for it, but today I want to introduce some of the local(ish) Bellingham trail runs. And there’s one for everyone! South Bay…

Gut Health For All

While searching around trying to find answers to my mysterious illness, I discovered that one common theme kept cropping up. Gut health. The gut is the way we fuel our body, much like a gas station to a car. But on top of that, the gut has so many more functions. More and more studies…

How to Train With a Chronic Illness

When and how much should you train? Those question are difficult to answer for every individual. Knowing how to balance overtraining with intense training that produce gains is a tricky balance to maintain. Now throw in the risk of a chronic illness flare up – and your training decisions can become even more critical in…

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