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I am glad you are made it to my Illness to Ultra page. If you don’t already know, I am a coffee critic, Yerba Mate drinker, coding nerd, active-junkie, and also navigating life with an autoimmune.

3 Morning Tasks for a Stress-Free Day!

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Dealing with a chronic illness is difficult. Learn from my lessons and don’t make the same mistakes!

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Any type of training is hard, but it’s supposed to be. Learn the small hacks to make training that little bit easier.

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Gear is not the most important thing, but sometimes it helps. Learn about the items that I truly believe in.

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3 Morning Tasks for a Stress-Free Day

Does your day go by way too fast somtimes? If you are stressing that it’s the afternoon already and you’ve completed nothing, I’ve got news for you. I want to give you my 3 super effective morning tasks for a stress-FREE day. Because we all know fulfillment equals a stress-free life. The morning can be…

The Way You Breathe May be Harming Your Health!

Do you know how to breathe properly? It sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? But there’s a mounting consensus that in today’s day and age, we may be doing it wrong. Ultimately, science seems to show that your breathing may be harming your health! As the book The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick Mckeown alludes…

Why The Fasting Mimicking Diet Isn’t For Everyone

Have you seen the news? The Fasting Mimicking Diet has been all over the health and wellness headlines.  It’s claimed everything from life extension and helping to cure cancer to minimizing autoimmune conditions. If these are the benefits – why isn’t everyone doing it? Given my own issues with autoimmune, I decided to try the…

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