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Running Recommendations

The items that I take on nearly every run and the practices that make me a better runner.

Health Recommendations

After a long time of researching and testing, here are the products that work for me.

Disclaimer: By clicking through the links on this page and purchasing the products, you’ll be helping me out. This is done because I receive a kickback from the sellers at no extra cost to you! I thank you so much for helping me continue with the website!

By no means is the following a prescription, and by no means am I a doctor. When making any changes in your life and using new products, ensure you discuss them with your doctor.

Trail Shoes

I’ve long been a fan of minimal shoes, and gradually, I managed to make the full transition to truly minimal shoes.
Xero shoes helped me do that and I now own casual and trail shoes from them, and I can’t recommend them enough! For a great price, you get quality minimal shoes with an amazing 5000-mile sole guarantee. Now that’s confidence!

Road Shoes

There are a lot of road shoes on the market, and I’ve been through a lot of them. Now I’m on the minimal route and hoping to find the right fit.
I’m currently running in some cheap minimal shoes from Amazon! We’re talking $25, and they’re bombproof. Even though they say trail shoes, they have a road-like tread and the soles are fine for road use.
If you’re thinking about trying minimal shoes, this is a great low-cost way of dipping your feet in.

Massage Ball
Massage Ball

An essentail tool for working out those knots and increasing mobility.
I go for the hardest ball possible.

SPI Belt
SPI Belt

I love tracking my runs, and we all have a phone to do that. SPI belts help us carry the phone without it bouncing around.


Keeping a log of all runs is important to me. I could do that with a notebook, Strava is easy to use and great when looking for trends.

ION* Biome Gut Health

This is a hard one to explain in a short passage.

Basically, our food supply has become tainted. Our farms are depleted of good bacteria nutrients, therefore our food is too. In order to readdress this balance, we can look to ancient soils, which are thriving with friendly critters and nutrients to help heal our gut.

ION* Biome attempts to bring this ancient soil back into our bodies with a simple liquid supplement form, helping feed our guts what it needs to be healthy.

I use the gut health bottle on and off throughout the year, and when I know I could be in a compromised state to give my gut that extra boost when I need it.

Mouth Tape
Mouth Tape

If you’ve read my blog about nose breathing, you’ll know why I tape my mouth while sleeping. This is the best tape I’ve found up to now.

Waking Up App
Waking Up App

Meditation is underated, it’s also difficult. I’ve found Sam Harris’ Waking Up app the best guide into how and why meditation is great.

The Autoimmune Fix
The Autoimmune Fix

The book that helped me understand autoimmune disease in the most simple terms. It empowers people to find solutions.


I’ve been a long time user of Huel, a vegan complete food replacement. Great for those times when you don’t have time to cook or need a healthy option on the go.

There have been so many times where Huel has saved me. A 24-hour bike ride from London to Leeds in the UK, a multiday hike in New Zealand, long flights with unhealthy options, and lastly as a quick snack when I’ve been on a tough workout schedule.

I love the fact that’s it’s nutritionally balanced, vegan and made with real food. Others on the market get nowhere near these claims.

Lastly, they have great gluten-free options, which I’d suggest even if you’re not gluten-free. Especially the new Huel Black Edition. I’ve noticed I’m able to digest the black version very well, with no issues of bloating and gas. Which is a big thing to say when you’re dealing with gut issues.


Mouth Tape
Run For You Life

Mark Cucuzzella dives deep into the physiology of the running and why we’re constantly injuring ourselves. In the book he outlines practical tips to improve our running and reduce future injuries.

Waking Up App

The Glutathione Revolution

Glutathione is touted it as the ”The Master Antioxidant”.

The quick read introduces you to the world of Glutathione and how it could be a benefit to your everyday life.

The Autoimmune Fix
The Awakened Ape

When starting this book I had no idea what to expect. It was a random audio library pick that caught my eye because of the words, “A biohackers guide to evolutionary fitness,.”.

In the end, it got me digging into eye-opening hunter-gather practices and evolutionary adaptations.

Mouth Tape
Eating on the Wild Side

If you want to know more about the food you eat and its history. This is for you.

Learn which of our Frankenstein foods in the grocery stores actually nourish you!

Fast This Way
Fast This Way

If you’re new to fasting, then this the book for you.

It takes you through methods of achieving different fasts and why. Without too much scientific jargon, just actionable tasks.

Becoming a Supple Leopard
Becoming a Supple Leopard

The go-to book on human physical movement and physiology.

Analyze and diagnose your imbalances with this featureful reference book.