About Me


Hello! I’m Nick, and I am glad you are made it to my Illness to Ultra page. If you don’t already know, I am a coffee critic, Yerba Mate drinker, coding nerd, active-junkie, and also navigating life with an autoimmune.  If you want to know what an autoimmune disease is you can read about it here.  If you want to follow me on IG, I’ve just started one up.

In my spare time, my wife and I are exploring the world, one city, and country at a time.  As we journey through new places, I, myself, am also on a journey of understanding and surpassing the limitations that can sometimes come with having an illness such as an autoimmune disease. I don’t see this illness as a limiting factor in my life, but instead as a roadblock that needs navigating around (or perhaps, with).  

This especially rings true when it comes to being and staying active. I’ve always been active. Running races and participating in organized sports from an early age, I have now transitioned into in mountain sports, road races, backpacking, cycle touring, and in the last few years, trail running. 

The blog documents my journey from overcoming an illness to partaking in an active life again — i.e. Illness to Ultra.  I can only hope my journey will inspire others of the importance of achieving their own goals – even if they seem out of reach.

No matter what state of illness you are in -there is always the possibility of sustaining or improving your health. By doing so, you may be capable of achieving your goals, whether they are active-based or not.

I want this blog to be the push for people to research their active lifestyle limits and personal health. Ultimately, I want you to surpass your limits and expectations, as I am trying to do myself.

You are very welcome to follow me on this journey! 


What is an Ultra?

  • An ultra is a run that is over a marathon distance of 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers.

Why do you want to run an ultra?

  • It amazes me how very ordinary people can push their body into this epic achievement. I believe a goal like this is achievable by most people, even myself. It just takes time, practice, and discipline.

What autoimmune disease have you been diagnosed with?

  • Honestly, no doctor has been able to give me definitive answers. I have no diagnoses to date, but tests and assumptions of both myself and the many doctors I have seen point towards autoimmune. Having a diagnosis is not a green light for trying to achieve a healthier life. That needs to start long before any diagnosis happens. This could even prevent a diagnosis from ever needing to happen! 

Why do you know so much about your illness?

  • I was forced into a situation where I needed to perform research and expand my knowledge of my own body and symptoms. I feel there are many people out there living in the same situation, and I’d like this blog to be a catalyst for change for those unsure where to turn next. The only solution to stressful situations is to learn.

Why are you writing this blog about your illness to ultra journey?

  • Part of putting this blog out there is selfish. Ultimately, this blog is creating my accountability to ensure that I DO one day complete an ultra. The ulterior motive is to share the knowledge I gain. I have and will invest a lot of my time into research areas of chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. I’m hoping people reading the blog can bypass this lengthy process and attain some key actions they can take to live a healthier life.