My BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Review – Gut Health Journey

Let’s face it. Most probiotics don’t work. If they aren’t already inactive by the time they reach your mouth, they usually don’t make it past the stomach.

For that reason, I never really trusted the whole probiotics thing. 

But with P3-OM probiotics, that changed. But Why?

Scroll down to read my P3-OM review and why they’re the only probiotic, I trust. PLUS, find out how to get up to 38% off when ordering!

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BiOptimizers P3-OM

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6 months ago, I decided to invest in a 90-day gut fix plan, spending well over $1000 of my own money.

P3-OM, the #1 proven type of probiotic strain, was part of this plan for a good reason. 

One way in which P3-OM works is by starving the harmful bacteria, yeast, and pathogens. That means it paves the way to help the good bacteria to survive and even flourish.

With the good bacteria present, your gut lining can heal, helping to lessen the effect of a leaky gut. If you have a leaky gut, undigested food, bacteria, and pathogens get into your bloodstream, causing issues like food sensitivities, auto-immune issues, and inflammation.

Learn more about Autoimmune issues over at my post, where I take a deep dive into the subject.

Why take P3-OM? A Personal Review

The key to good health is the gut; once you fix the gut, the rest of your body comes back into line. That’s why using a powerful probiotic can have wide-reaching effects. 

Personally, it helped with gas and bloating and fixed my digestive issues, which has led me to regain my running career and over health.

Others report wide-reaching effects such as:

  • Improvement mental clarity
  • A greater ability to recover
  • And increase in energy levels
  • More muscle gains and endurance improvements
  • Less digestive upset when traveling to other countries
  • Digestive relief from bad foods

So if you’re looking to improve your digestion, protect yourself from questionable food sources, improve your focus at work. P3OM could work for you. 

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How is P3-OM different from other probiotics?

P3-OM contains a probiotic strain called Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, an extensively researched strain with more clinical papers based on it than any other probiotic out there.

That’s why many are using P3-OM to –

  • Improve the gut barrier reducing leaky gut symptoms
  • Prompt a healthy immune response
  • Reduce the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Protect the gut lining from external stressors such as harmful foods and pesticides

Rather than trying to “seed” (add new strains) our gut with new probiotic strains, much like other probiotics on the market, P3-OM is a transient probiotic. The strain sticks to our gut’s mucus layer for a few days and works its magic to clean up the bad guys and help the good guys along the way.

How and when to take P3-OM?

Dosing depends on what effect you are going for. 

To help with digestion, you want to take 1-2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. That way, the probiotics can work their magic before the bulk of your food reaches your gut hours later. 

For microbiome rebalancing, it’s best to take the 1-2 capsules at night before bed to allow P3-OM to work throughout the night and stave off the harmful bacteria and pathogens.

It doesn’t stop there. 

I did a complete gut reset, which meant I took 2 capsules in the morning, 2 with every meal, and 2 in the evening. 

That way, I received all the known benefits from gut rebalancing, protein digestion, gut barrier repair.

To say this was life-changing for me is an understatement. Now 6 months on, I’m still reaping the benefits of much more stable digestion, less gas, less bloating, and more.

What to pay attention to when taking P3-OM?

Because P3-OM targets bad bacteria, which often drives your sugar cravings, you may notice that you don’t have to great desire to eat sugary foods. 

And because you’re eating less sugary foods, you’ll find that your body is less inflamed, meaning you’ll have more energy throughout the day, and you’ll be able to push harder, at the gym, on your run, or in any of your everyday daily life. 

Want less gas and bloating? P3-OM could be for you? Digestive stabilization is the area where I found the most relief. Previously, 3 meals a day would leave me with an uncomfortable belly and lots of embarrassing gas for the rest of the night. 

After taking P3-OM for 3 months on my gut health reset, I can finally be confident that I won’t stink the room out at parties or suffer digestive upset after dinner. I still take P3-OM from time to time to ensure that my discomfort does not return. 

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BiOptimizers P3-OM

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