While searching around trying to find answers to my mysterious illness, I discovered that one common theme kept cropping up. Gut health.

The gut is the way we fuel our body, much like a gas station to a car. But on top of that, the gut has so many more functions. More and more studies are coming out, reporting the links between the gut and many health-related issues. Therefore, everyone needs to maintain a healthy gut, either for preemptive measures or on the road to recovery.

All Disease Begins in The Gut – Hippocrates

Hippocrates knew this over 2000 years ago; for some reason, we don’t hear this message conveyed by medical professionals very often.


One of the precursors to many autoimmune issues is a compromised gut. When the gut is failing to digest, and not creating a barrier from the outside world, symptoms start to occur.

Autoimmune issues are on the rise, with 20% of the US population diagnosed with at least one autoimmunity issue [1]. You probably know at least one, if not multiple people suffering from these issues. Do you know what an autoimmune disease is or how it comes about? If so, you’ll know precisely why the gut is so important, if not go ahead and read my article on autoimmune diseases.

Healing the gut is an essential protocol for dealing with autoimmune issues; it’s crucial to remove damaging foods, replenish the nutrients that are lost, and repair the damage.


To be fit requires a finely tuned body. To achieve a finely tuned body, you must have the ability to recover quickly and maintain low levels of inflammation. Gut health is key to these two points.

Inflammation is a hot topic when talking about recovery from anything. Whether it’s an illness, a long run or just a bad nights sleep, inflammation is always there. I talk about this over at “Is Inflammation Good or Bad for You?

Gut Health Freebie

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Recovering from inflammation is the key to a finely tuned body, and this is where the gut comes in. The body is a highly complex mixture of processes and functions and to perform these functions, the body needs nutrients from the outside world. One of the best methods of obtaining these nutrients is through the gut. If the gut is functioning well, we can provide the nutrients to the rest of our body to reduce inflammation.


Lower biodiversity of gut bacteria has strong links with the causes of heart failure. Eating a diet rich in fiber can help mitigate these effects and more.*

*Links with gut health and heart health

It shouldn’t be surprising that the gut can affect any part of your body. The gut is our internal body’s gateway from the outside world, so we need to treat it with care.

There are many studies linking heart and cardiovascular issues with gut health [1]. The theory is a little more abstract, but it should make sense that our guts have direct access to the bloodstream and thus can directly affect the heart.

When the gut is compromised, any unwanted external pathogens in the gut have the opportunity to jump ship and wreak havoc in our cardiovascular system. At the same time, your body will not be replenished because vital nutrients may not be fully digested. These effects can lead to the hardening of the arteries, damage of blood vessels, contribute to the build-up of plaque. For these reasons, gut health is essential.

Gut Health Freebie

Do you want to learn more about gut health and how it can help you along your journey? Head over and download my gut health guide and start the healing today.