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Everything you need to know about BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough – My Personal Review

I know what you’re thinking. Not another protein powder on the market. I get it, but this one is different. BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough not only tastes great, but it also has a perfect protein blend, only uses the best ingredients, is vegan friendly, has a low glycemic index, low-carb, gluten-free, soy-free. Need I say more…..

So who’s Protein Breakthrough for?
Is it really better than the competitors?
And is it really worth the money?

I’ll answer all these questions in this post. 

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Is Protein Breakthrough for you?

Are you looking to build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat? Then a high-quality protein shake could be for you. 

To build muscle, you require a complete and balanced amino acid profile, and Protein Breakthrough achieves this with a balance of Pea, Hemp, and Pumpkinseed. Already this mixture is a step above many other vegan protein powders, not skimping on quality ingredients by adding poor quality soy or whey protein, but instead using essential amino acid complete proteins like hemp and nutritionally dense proteins like pumpkin seed. 

Each of the ingredients of the protein mix is also organic, so you can be safe because there are no harmful chemicals like glyphosate being used on the ingredients. 

The drink also contains plenty of insoluble fiber, keeping you full for longer and feeding your good gut bacteria to promote a healthy microbiome

That means replacing one of your meals with BiOptimizers Protein breakthrough lowers your overall calorie intake without skimping on protein or gut-promoting goodness. As a result, you’ll have the building blocks for muscle growth without the side effects of a calorie surplus causing fat storage.

Why choose BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough?

The market is littered with protein powders. So why wouldn’t you choose Walmart’s own brand or the one promoted by your favorite sports star? 

It all comes down to quality and detail.

BiOptimizers always stay a step above the rest, ensuring that the ingredients are optimally chosen for the best results. And it’s no secret that you’re going to pay a little more for that quality.

It is obvious which product you should select when choosing between a low-quality GMO and glyphosate sprayed soy protein and Protein Breakthrough. 

Then there’s the attention to detail. 

If you’re someone that wants your protein powder to taste good, then pure hemp powder just won’t do. I get it. 

That’s why BiOptimizers have gone to great lengths, so carefully craft a selection of sweet ingredients to improve the taste, but never sacrificing the low-carb content or taste. I personally think it’s a little too sweet still, but I usually opt for unflavored protein powders, so take that how you will.

You’ll see a mixture of coconut sugar, stevia, monk fruit, lucuma, and erythritol used in conjunction with the all-important Himalayan salt. That balance of salt and sweet helps enhance the flavor without adding to the overall sugar content. 

And if you’re a chocoholic, you’ll love the smooth mixture of organic cocoa and maca. HintAdd some in next time you bake cookies.

Is it really worth the money?

Now down to the tricky question of money. 

I’m not going to hide the fact that Protein Breakthrough is more expensive than other protein powders on the market. 

But hopefully, from what I’ve explained in this post, you’ll understand why. 

If you’re strapped for cash, just go out and find a high-quality organic hemp powder, and you’ll get 50% of the benefits of Protein Breakthrough.

But if you want benefits such as

  • The optimally balanced amino acid profile
  • Gut promoting insoluble fiber
  • A sweet taste without the high sugar content
  • Carefully picked quality ingredients

Then BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough is for you. 

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