Coaching Call

Training with a different approach

Are you diligently following a training plan but getting nowhere?

Maybe you perform well, but then have setbacks every few months?

Your training may be perfect, but hidden pitfalls may be holding you back. 

That’s where I come in.

I’m not your traditional running coach. 

There’s so much more to running than just following a standard training plan that’s copy-pasted from the runner that came before you — and recycled for the runner coming right after you.

I help you identify, optimize, and introduce new processes in your life to improve your health and enhance your running so you can achieve your unique fitness goals. 

It’s all about your foundations.

When the foundations are crumbling, the building falls. 

If you choose to ignore the fundamentals of health and fitness, your running will suffer and you’ll likely never make those gains you’re looking for. Or worse, you’ll become injured.

But when you take a holistic view on running, it’s possible to identify weak areas and strengthen the foundations which allows you to sustainably reach your running goals. 

The icing on top is that you can simultaneously achieve positive health outcomes that far outweigh any running gains (I must admit, the running gains are nice, too). 

Stop waiting around!

Book a FREE coaching session with me today.

  • Identify foundations that are putting the breaks on your progression
  • Explore solutions to help rebuild a solid foundation
  • Instill processes to produce results far into the future

Why free?

I’m looking to change people’s lives. Truly.

After an illness left me bedridden for months, I refocused my remaining energy and learned how to build a strong foundation of health and fitness that set my body up for success for the long haul so I could reach goals that once seemed unachievable. 

And I want you to do the same. 

  • No pushy sales BS. 
  • No commitment required.
  • Just turn up with an open mind and we’ll explore solutions together.